About us

Hi Hi!

My name is Shyanne Smith and I am the owner and creator of Earth Appeal.
Earth Appeal products are all made by hand, one bead at a time.
Our natural stones are found all over the world, each filled with their own healing properties. Earth Appeal bracelets, necklaces and anklets are all customizable. Email us for any custom order.
With Earth Appeal you support a cause:

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

We donate a percentage of our breast cancer bracelets to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Plant a Tree

Buy a "Plant a Tree" bracelet and plant a tree with "One Tree Planted". We are currently planting Trees in Australia due to all of the forest fires. Once you purchase a "Plant a Tree" bracelet, you will receive a certificate to thank you for making a difference.

Save the Turtles

For those Sea Turtle lovers. When purchasing a "Save the "Turtles" bracelet, you play a part in saving Sea Turtles.

Support Ukraine

$5 per "Support Ukraine" bracelet is donated to the Humanitarian Ukraine Fund.